Uniqlo - Unwrap The Warmth

Original Music. Sound Design.
Audio Post-Production.

Campaign directed by Mona Kim

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We had the great pleasure to work alongside Uniqlo and Mona Kim to compose the original music and sound design for Uniqlo’s Christmas world campaign. It was very important to capture the brand’s personality and at the same time fully represent in the music the concept developed by Mona. We met on location whilst she was shooting the campaign and came up with a brief and clear idea of what was needed. We wanted to see in our own eyes the development of the piece in visual terms and have a direct line of communication. We had a fabulous conversation and agreed upon our sound approach. The campaign idea was simple and the music had to complement that thought.

Inspired by origami, the clothes folded and unfolded in steps with the use of stop motion animation. We decided to have a minimalistic and percussive inclined track, where rhythm could synchronize with the movements. The treatment had an electronic feel but it was also crucial to inject warmth to the track and have a human side present. It also needed to appeal internationally and speak a universal language due to the campaign being used worldwide. Elements like beat-boxing and acoustic instruments were carefully blended with electronic ones, but the one that gave signature to the whole piece was the use of whistling for the main melody. This allowed us to be understood across all the different territories and fully capture the essence of the project.

A simple idea: Fold / Unfold. Wrap / Unwrap. Origami inspired, comes to life in stop motion. Our work was featured globally in cinema spots, digital billboards, online, print, digital facades and in-store, on-site, with 200 LED branded art installations of precision-choreographed “army”, powered to an original beat. Unwrap the warmth!