Unidentified Women A & B

Sound Design. Audio Post-Production.

Sound installation by Lucía Pizzani

“I had the pleasure to work with Javier and his team to mix these headlines that are read by 16 different women from around the world. As a visual artist creating a sound piece, which was part of an installation was a challenge, mostly to find the best way to communicate the ideas and to connect with the audience. Since the conception of this piece I had conversations with Javier who pointed it out important aspects to be taken into account and made me understand my work from a musician perspective, knowing in an instant the nature of sound and how it behaves. The process was smooth and precise”.
Lucía Pizzani (Visual Artist)

Pizzani’s work revolves around issues of gender, body, and a lifelong interest in nature. This combination also feeds from the various studies she has done of Visual Communication, Conservation Biology and Fine Arts.

Unidentified Women is an artwork about gender inequalities made out of headlines from newspapers from multiple cities across the world, accompanied by old daguerreotypes of unidentified portraits of women.

Lucía approached us in order to give form and finalize her conceptual idea of the sound piece. 16 different recordings took place with women at multiple locations. Our aim was to unify and immerse them under the same context. 8 of those recordings (Side A) were in English and the remaining 8 (Side B) were in Spanish. The use of wind played a defining role throughout the piece, symbolizing the almost instantaneously disappearance it occurs after a headline takes place in a front page. Each headline was accompanied by its opposite translation in printed format.

The sound piece was part of “A Garden For Beatrix” solo exhibition at the Cecilia Brunson Projects Gallery (London). Additionally, the piece has been exhibited at the Centro de Arte Los Galpones (Caracas) and Ch.ACO Art Fair (Chile).