Shoot The Radio - “Hypervelocity” & “Shine On”

Drums Production, Recording and Performance

Music by Shoot The Radio

Client Video Testimonial

“We wanted to achieve a fusion of sound between Electronic music and Rock from the 70’s. Javier understood very well our concept and preserved the human touch in the acoustic performance mixing it with electronic elements, maintaining the characteristics of both worlds. Exactly where we stand with the project. They were very professional on their approach and also provided us with many options when it came to mix the tracks, so we could achieve the sound we were after”.
Zeta Bosio & Fernando Montemurro

Shoot The Radio is the newly formed music project and long time collaboration between Zeta Bosio (Soda Stereo) and Fernando Montemurro (LSDA). Being asked to take part on the production and recording of drums in the project was an inspiring experience. They confided us with their music at the development stage and asked us to work on two tracks.

Due to the nature of their concept, the drums needed to be closer to electronic sounds but maintaining the human feel on the performance. The interpretation had to be vey accurate in order to blend well with the existing parts. A combination of vintage and modern technology were used in order to capture the best of both worlds. A wide variety of recording techniques, vintage drums, microphones and preamps were used to capture the most appropriate performance.