Secreto De Confesión

Original Music.

Film directed by Henry Rivero

We were approached by Henry Rivero to write and produce an original song for a specific scene in his movie Secreto De Confesión. Even though, we only had to compose one piece, we preferred to immerse ourselves into the whole picture. Having the script and full length cut at hand was necessary to fully understand the film as a whole and allow us to be inspired and guide us to the best suitable approach in our sound proposal.

The scene required not only to be confined within a night-club atmosphere, but also to capture Catalina Ortega, one of the main characters played by Eglantina Zinng. The result was a hard electronic composition with powerful live beats, aggressive guitars and strong melodies to reflect the character’s psychological state of mind.

In search of the truth behind her father’s murder, Catalina immerses herself in a night out of release. Putting aside momentarily her difficult quest, sorrows and pushing her boundaries to the limits.