Original Music. Sound Design.
Audio Post-Production.

Film about Jaime Gili’s work

"From the onset, the team at Breaking Waves understood the idea we wanted for our Art Car project video. They then applied their brilliance and creativity to complete a great video piece that you want to watch (and listen to) again and again. The three parts of the video have a distinctive character, yet there is wholeness to it without easy tricks or catchy tunes, just sheer applied musical art. Despite working from three different locations, they adapted and even lead the team when they had to. Brilliant."
Jaime Gili (Visual Artist).

Gili is an artist known for expanding painting beyond its traditional limits. His work encompasses canvass, but also large walls in private and public buildings. In this occasion we were approached by Jaime to give form to the sound for the film Nomonochrome, a short documentary about his new classic cars series project.

It was important for us not only to support and complement the visuals of the film, but also to translate Jaime’s style of painting and imagery into sounds. His multicultural roots, the sharp lines of his work and the colour palette; had to be reflected in the music and sound design throughout the piece to fully represent the extent of his art. This inspired us to choose varied musical genres and instrumentation to be chosen, as well as its implementation.

Why are cars always monochrome? The viewer doesn’t have to move, the work moves. We could say that a painted car moving at speed is, effectively, kineticism.