Hot Love

Original Music. Sound Design.
Audio Post-Production.

Editorial film by Diana Gómez

“A love story I wanted to make into a short video by putting together references of the era, my characters, how they met, what they were doing, and how they fell in love. I approached Breaking Waves with the visuals and tracks I liked, and explained them the story. They came up with the most fantastic lyrics, music and sound design. They recorded the track live and added incredible effects to the film. They made something that really captures the sentiment of the characters and the darkness and excitement of their encounter.”
Diana Gómez (Photographer)

Diana approached us with this editorial film in order to give life and sound motion to her outstanding photography. Her passionate portraits, strong use of colours, fun narratives, and her vibrant shoots were all considered at the time of developing this piece.

Her sound references all linked to original music of 70’s Rock artists and the only approach was to write, compose and perform an original piece of music reminiscent of that era. Our recordings process was live, with unpolished drums, bass and guitars. We wanted to present a powerful and raw material with direct lyrics. The sound design was used to describe the settings of mood and atmospheres presented in the piece and interact with the narration of the story.

A couple meet in the streets of London after a night out and decide to stay together, becoming lovers and exploring the city until nightfall.