El Yaque. Town Of Champions

Original Music. Sound Design.
Audio Post-Production.

Film directed by Javier Chuecos

Our involvement and relationship with the film started at the embryonic stages of the film. We kept close communication with Javier Chuecos and Horacio Collao throughout 5 years whilst filming. The main goal was to document and share with the world the story of these unsung heroes: Four Venezuelan windsurf world champions, who managed to occupy the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the world rankings in 2005; and kick started multiple world winning championships. All coming from a remote fisherman village in Margarita Island.

We were initially approached to compose the music for the film, but as our involvement grew deeper, we were asked to complete the sound design and mix in its entirety. The music was composed over raw footage in its majority and evolved into a full-length soundtrack composed of 33 tracks and released commercially. The result was an eclectic compendium of songs in order to represent the different stages of the film and capture the mood of the characters within their own stories. The sound design and post-production proved to be a great challenge due to the use of different filming formats and the nature of the locations. Excessive wind, scenes deep into the open sea with distant actions among strong waves, and uncontrollable sound environments, made the sound a tough, but not impossible, task to complete. The foley and sound design played a pivotal role in order to give form and continuity to the piece as a whole. With high critical acclaim, the final sound piece was produced in both Stereo and 5.1 certified Dolby Digital for 35mm and DCP showing in cinemas and film festivals globally.

Four windsurfers dream with winning the PWA world championship and become heroes. Their financial struggles, lack of recognition, family crisis and loved ones passing away; are some of the obstacles they have to face in their quest to succeed. An intimate portrait into their lives, filmed during 5 years, reveals the most human side of a sport person wanting to triumph.