Dead Seem Old - “They Won’t Find Us”

Co-Writing, Production, Recording and Performance.

“Breaking Waves approached our work with an infectious enthusiasm and a wealth of artistic knowledge, enabling me to be thoroughly creative and spontaneous in the studio. I was grateful for our early production meetings to discuss the musical intricacies of our project. They made sure, not only understood the aim of my work, but took the time to understand me as an artist to better guide me towards our collective goal. One of the most rewarding experiences one can have when working in a recording studio is the ability to convey your ideas, however off the wall, to another person and have them completely understand where you are coming from artistically. Javier understood and completely immersed himself, having both the technical expertise and artistic originality to help me form the sounds I was hearing, from the earliest demo experiments all the way to the fully formed piece. Invaluable and thoroughly rewarding.”
Thom Wicks (Dead Seem Old)

Dead Seem Old is a London based indie pop project created by songwriter/artist Thom Wicks. He always approaches music in the most child-like form as possible, and often only uses a cheap flamenco guitar and a 4-track recorder to demo material. After contacting Weyler, the pair recorded the debut single ‘They Won’t Find Us’ with the B-Side ‘We Used To See Faces’ with the agreement that if any sound in the song didn’t sound like either Grimm Fairytales or 60′s surf, it wouldn’t go in the song! This prolific collaboration partnership has taken Thom and Javier to work further in the songs: ‘Teasin’, ‘This Mess Won’t Make Itself’ & ‘We Could Get Along’.

Our approach with Thom has always been to find his essence as an artist and transform that into sounds through our production. It’s crucial for us to truly understand him and what he wants to communicate in each song. It’s a breath of fresh air to work alongside Thom. His openness and willingness to try everything we throw at him is reflected in everything we’ve done together. The amount of trust we get has allowed us to strip down the songs to a bare minimum and establish a solid foundation to build upon. Our main premise has always been to have fun at the studio, enjoy the process of recording and keep an open mind to try any approach that is not necessarily the most obvious one.

After an hour of sending ‘They Won’t Find Us’ to labels, he got a phone call back with an offer to be signed. Since then, it has been featured in the film ‘A Love You’, BBC, Channel 4, Sky Sports and BBC Radio 6, among others.